«A frontier represents uncharted territory, a completely new environment, market or field of study.»

We are looking forward conquering those next frontiers with you.


Our vision.

Is to make NXT the biggest SaaS communications-, entertainment- & business platform enabler worldwide.


Our mission.

We are a creative software company and platform enabler with strong communications- and entertainment background.

NXT allows your own communications- and e-commerce-solutions as SaaS or white label model.


Our reason.

We have lived SaaS for the last decade and developed SaaS solutions that we own and operate. Enabling us to quickly build an eco-system of services for different markets and use-cases.

Our organizational structure follows the holacracy model.

Our partners.

Daniel Claessen

Over 9 years of experience in building digital platforms.

Matthias Haubner

Over 8 years of experience in digital design, advertising & IT consulting

Joerg Spreitzer

Over 20 years of expertise in the communications, digital and IT industry

Thomas Goebl

Over 15 years of experience in the games, software, music & video industry

Our teams experience.

Clients globally
Completed projects
Influencer cooperations

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