We enable your hyper-audience ownership.

‘Hyper audiences’ actively consume massive amounts of content, engage with brands on multiple channels, buy and interact with brands through digital devices and expect a unique, personalized and complex experience. This is different to the reactive audiences of the past.

Owning your hyper audience means building an ecosystem of channels that generates value throughout the relationship with your brand: up to and beyond the point of sale.

We believe that
every company needs to think and operate as a media company.

Traditional companies tend to act in a strict process, developing a product, publishing an advertising campaign and putting it on the market where - from their point of view - the only value creation takes place. Thus content & engagement are limited.

In todays environment many successful companies increase their value on- and offline, in loyalty programs, different shops and on various channels, providing their customers with a lot of content, leading to enormous reach & engagement.


To do so yourself you'll need
your own platform.

We developed our hyper-audience solution to support you and your clients in acting and thinking like a media company, to own your audience and increase your value creation - in short: to establish your own hyper audience platform.

This platform will become a marketplace between your clients, their agencies and influencers - producing and distributing content on various channels - white-labeled for you.

Introducing your hyper-audience platform

Your hyper-audience platform features
  • Creators & Influencers
  • Clients
  • Relations & Campaigns
  • Content
  • IP-Rights
  • Payments
  • On-boarding
  • E-Commerce
  • Order & Sample Management
  • Performance
  • Analytics
  • Reach
  • Media value

Interested in your own hyper-audience platform?

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